Bashir: Husband, Father and Employed

Bashir: Husband, Father and Employed

Bashir arrived from Afghanistan in November 2016, after working with USAID for 9 years as a procurement specialist. While working with USAID, he assisted with purchasing items for building projects throughout the region. Since Bashir worked for a US organization in Afghanistan, he felt threatened by the Taliban. Now, he is very happy to live in the US and feels safe. Bashir declares, “I love it!”

He feels very fortunate to be living in the US especially since it means his five year old daughter, who is disabled, can get the treatment she needs. While they were living in Afghanistan, she didn’t have access to resources and therapies that can help her become more independent and mobile. In addition to accessing treatments, a nurse can watch her during the day, allowing Bashir to work full time and his wife to attend ESL classes. His wife tested into the 3rd level of English and enjoys learning English.

Both Bashir and his wife graduated from Kabul University and hope to continue their education in the US so they can get jobs relevant to their specialties and give back to their community. They have high hopes for their children as well. Bashir explains his oldest daughter, “can already speak English better than me,” and loves practicing English every chance she gets.

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