Farhan: Patience and Dedication Lands the Job

Farhan: Patience and Dedication Lands the Job

Refugees in the Seattle area seeking work to attain self-sufficiency face numerous barriers. The logistical considerations of finding childcare during working hours and the difficulty of securing reliable transportation complicates their job search.

Refugees with a high level of English will encounter disconnects between American professional norms and those to which they are accustomed, but they are still motivated to obtain a good job. At the RRO, many members of this enthusiastic group bring their persistence and wealth of experiences to their hunt for employment with great success.

Farhan was briefly resettled in central Washington before relocating to Seattle. He worked with the RRO staff to compile his resume and apply for jobs. The diverse array of jobs and domains in which he had worked since leaving his home country of Somalia was astonishing. Farhan’s wide-ranging experience before reaching the US made him a desirable candidate.

However, the experience of applying for jobs in the US and going through the lengthy interview process without landing a job was trying. An in-depth American interview process for manual labor positions, which in his previous experience required only a few cursory practical questions prior to hire, was frustrating and confusing at first. Farhan’s persistence paid off, and for the past several months he has been employed full-time in residential property maintenance, receiving pay above Seattle’s already higher than average minimum wage.

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